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Life can be challenging. When you are in need of a family law or criminal defense attorney, call upon the experience of Stephen L Hunyadi of Richmond, Indiana. We will do everything possible to help.
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Paternity - criminal law in Richmond, IN


Stephen L Hunyadi skillfully represents you in obtaining fair plans regarding child custody, support, and asset division. Having a knowledgeable lawyer to assist with your divorce may result in a better settlement.


Our attorney represents unmarried mothers and fathers who are seeking to legally establish paternity. This also includes matters of child custody, visitation, and support orders.

Child Custody

Joint custody and shared parenting time access is common in Indiana. There are numerous statutory guidelines in place that address non-custodial parent access, as well as other details that must be properly addressed, such as physical custody and parenting time.

Child Support

Indiana statutory guidelines establish child support payments. These take into account each parent's respective income and time spent with the child. The guidelines suggest flexibility in fashioning these orders, and a knowledgeable attorney can help capitalize on that flexibility.

Child Support Calculator


Stephen L Hunyadi can help to establish legal guardianship whether for aging parents or underage children. When parents are unable to care properly for a child, we represent grandparents, aunts, uncles, and other family members in obtaining guardianship.


Our attorneys understand the detailed matters of adoption. We assist stepparents and other family members in meeting the requirements for legal adoption.


When circumstances change that affect either parent's ability to care for a child, we are here to help. We represent you in seeking modification of an existing child custodial, visitation, or child support order.

Criminal Defense

Our legal team does everything possible to protect your rights. We assist in numerous aspects of criminal matters, including:
  • DUI & Other Traffic Violations
  • Domestic Abuse
  • Drug Crimes
  • Theft, Forgery, & Shoplifting
  • Violent Crimes
Contact us to receive the personalized support you need during your family law or criminal defense case.